East Coast Road Trip

Howdy all! I have for both my adult and childhood life have always wanted to do a cross country road trip. Unfortunatly life has never allowed time, money, or resources to do such a trip.

I work for an automotive company, my major responsibilities involve consulting for major automotive manufactures. My current position I am based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey working for Subaru of America. That said, I have been fortunate enough to be transferred down to the Subaru of America Orlando zone office. The third week of October my friend and I are doing 2200 miles from Burlington, VT to Orlando, FL.

We are going from VT - VA on the highways, then sunset dr - Blue ridge parkway - tail of the dragon - shoot down to NOLA - 90/98 (Inner coastal Gulf roads) to Orlando. We will be doing gopro’s and I’ll update with pictures and progress as we go through.


Route attached

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